Simlar – free and secure calls
Protect your privacy and make free and tap-proof mobile phone calls over the internet with Simlar.


  • Published under GPL – Simlar is open source software.
  • Simlar is free of charge. All you need is an internet connection.


  • Simlar is based on the established end-to-end encryption protocol ZRTP.
  • No one can listen to your conversation, not even us.
  • All Simlar to Simlar calls are automatically fully encrypted and tap-proof.


  • Simlar is very easy to use. Just select your contact and call them!
  • Phonebook based buddylist – find your friends easily.


  • Simlar is hosted in Germany.
  • The sourcecode is regulated by the open source community.
  • Our mission is all about privacy – we do not make money from your data.